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Argentine boas​

these are an amazing subspecies of boa constrictor that have black backgrounds and varying white and tan peppering pattern. there just magnificent boas with adult females having been recorded at 9 feet in length with males being a bit smaller at about 7 feet. both males and females become  heavy bodied but still are adept climbers.  these boas go through quite a drastic ontogenetic change with  neonates being born a dull gray and slowly get there darker coloration as they mature into adults. as with all boa's argentines give birth to live young.  all

(boa constrictor occidentalis)

Distribution and habitat

this subspecies comes from the temperate forests and rocky slopes within Argentina, South America. do to habitat loss from humans the argentine boa is classified as an appendix 1 meaning it is critically endangered  in the wild.


there are two morphs found in this species a motley and the amazing t+ albino.


final notes

the bad reputation this subspecies being a big dark boa with a big dark personality is nothing but incorrect.  99% of the time its all a bluff opening up there mouth and hissing ferociously and then if you reach in and pull them out bang it stops like turning off a switch. these animals with gentle handling become a real joy to work with.  .we are very excited to be working with  these rare boas and hope to dispel there bad reputation so they can be enjoyed by more people in the hobby. .

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