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about living legless reptiles

living legless is owned and operated by the Johnson family in  beautiful clarksville, Tennessee. we work with many species from all over the world and are dedicated to providing great customer service before and after your purchase , healthy happy captive bred reptiles. in the clarksville area we love educating the public about reptiles and there conservation with our presentations.  and helping out with snake removal services.

Travis grew up being captivated by nature but afraid of reptiles but found his love for them at 14 and by 16 purchased his first of many reptiles. he started working at a reptile shop  soon after and got amazing first had experience with many species found in the hobby. all the while the collection at home was growing as quickly as his pay checks would allow. he began sharing his passion with others while working at a reptile zoo doing birthday party's and classroom educational programs. very quickly he realized this was his calling to educate people about these magnificent animals and provide healthy captive bred specimens for others to love and enjoy


larissa grew up loving animals but being fearful of reptiles as most do from her lack of knowledge about these strange and scaly creatures. she had no choice but to shed her fears because "about ten minutes into knowing travis i was holding a four foot dumerils boa and i wouldnt change a thing" as she says. larissa is very much a part of the every day maintenance that our growing collection requires .

Rylei is 14 yrs  old and is already a little herper with a small collection of her own. she just loves helping with the animals from feeding them, cleaning cages you name it shes in it. with her favorite part  being helping baby's hatch from there eggs.

Korey is 11 and has a collection of his own . he loves reptiles and is in there cleaning out cages a true herper in the making.

we love reptiles and we cant wait for the opportunity to educate you about these amazing animals. we want to provide beautiful captive bred specimens for you to keep and enjoy in your home as we do in ours. if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. we o

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