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our presentations are an adventure that no one will ever forget. we take you to exotic locations all over the globe without ever leaving the room. we explore reptiles and some of the amazing things they do. how do snakes move with no legs or lizards ward off predators. we dispel common misconceptions and answer any and all questions you may have during our exciting interactive presentations. everyone is able to get up close and personal with the amazing reptiles that make up our planet. and learn through exciting education why we need to preserve and protect our natural habitats around the world.
all presentations start at 1  hour minimum  and are priced  at 175 dollars. ​additional time is available contact us today to scheduled your presentation.

Assembly's or large groups

this presentation is still very educational and exciting just like all of our presentations teaching you about the amazing reptiles that live in our world but unfortunately  due to the large size we are unable to get everyone up close and personal with the animals. a few volunteers will be brought up to the animals and asked questions and get to touch some of the animals during our presentation and share it with the group. its a very exciting experience for children and adults to raise awareness of why these amazing animals need us to do our part in conserving natural habitat for generations to come.


  great for all grades our classroom presentations are very flexible with time restraints and the teaching goals you wish to achieve.  contact us for more information on this great opportunity.

cubs/boy scouts ,brownie/girl scouts

this presentation is tons of fun and we have lots of different options to choose from with all of them getting the kids up close and personal with the animals. this is a  winning opportunity to have lots of fun and raise awareness of reptile and wildlife conservation.

birthday party's

great for all ages. the last few minutes of our show is for the birthday boy or girl to have a one on one photo with a reptile and a great group shot too. this makes for a birthday they wont forget.

sPhoto shoots/ music videos

need some snakes or reptiles for a photo shoot or video we have all sorts of stuff available pricing is based on time on location contact us for more information.

​other opportunity's available

didnt see what your looking for contact us and we would be happy to do what we can to provide an education presentation for you and your guests.
please contact us at
or by calling 805 975 7141
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