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Macklots pythons   (liasis mackloti)


 these wonderful snakes get to be a medium size with adult females averaging seven feet  and males averaging six feet. there a beautiful olive brown with freckling all over there body and seem to ether look dark with light freckles or  light with dark freckles witch make absolutely beautiful pythons. .

Distrobution and habitat

macklots pythons can be found in three islands in the Indonesian archipelago including Timor, Roti and Semau. with most individuals in the pet trade coming from Timor island.

theses fantastic terrestrial pythons are associated with  grasslands in there native range.  t


final notes

these pythons have a very nasty reputation for being aggressive and as baby's there right but with gentle handling they can become very tame and trusting of people.   and

macklots pythons are a very neglected species in herpticulture and we are excited to be working with them in hopes to shed some light on these amazing freckled pythons.  t

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