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long tail boa


these are a medium sized  subspecies of boa constrictor with adults being 5 to 6 feet in length. they go through an amazing ontogenetic change from neonates to adults starting as a drab grey and maturing into amazingly blue and black and tan adults witch sometimes can take three years to complete. another amazing thing about these boas are no two look identicle the variation in these boas is emence and it make it alot of fun to see what they will turn out looking like. however they turn out there always beautiful.

(boa constrictor longicauda)

distribution and habitat

the andes mountains divide peru into three regions the costa the sierra and the selva. with longicaudas being found in the costa reigon. this region is a narrow coastal plan with large tracks of desert separated by lush valleys.  this species inhabits temperate forests within there small range in tumbes Peru and north into Ecuador.



there is only one morph of this subspecies that i know of the anerythristic witch is a simple recessive trait.

to show you the amazing ontogenetic change this  subspecies goes through here is an amazing example below i have two photos the first one exibit A is taken on november of 2010. the other exibit B is taken june 2012 of the exact same animal.




 final notes

this is an amazing subspecies of boa constrictor  and we hope to share them with more keepers out there to be enjoyed as this rare boa should be. we currently work with some amazing russo black bloodline liniaged animals along with some non liniaged classic animals 

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