jungle carpet pythons (morelia spilota cheynei)


Distribution and Habitat

this subspecies distribution is a small area in the north east of Australia. there habitat as there common name implies is the closed canopy rainforests  found in this area. these pythons as all carpets are semi arboreal and can be found in amongst the trees in the jungles they call home.


there is the zebra and super zebra morphs witch are a very busy patterned black and yellow (zebra) and the super form (super zebra) being a  patternless yellow snake.



 we currently are only working on ivory zebras and super zebras  the


these pythons have a long medium build reaching five to six feet in length with a prehensile tail to help in climbing. they go through a massive ontogenetic change within the first few years of life. with the hatchling's starting out silver and grey  then shed by shed becoming amazing yellow and black snakes.  these fantastic snakes are extremely variable in color and pattern but always beautiful.  the high contrast black and yellow is selective breeding at its finest with natural occurring jungles being much more gold and black.but