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bull snakes

( pituophis catenifer sayi)

bull snakes are one of the largest species of snakes found in north America with  adults being recorded at 5 to 7 feet. this species is very good at camouflaging themselves with there sandy brown and tan markings but have another amazing defense tactic that they  are patterned to resemble  a rattlesnake. they  have keeled scales witch is a ridge in the center of each scale that makes them feel similar to sandpaper. to the untrained eye they can easily be mistaken especially when they take it a step further. when threatened they will coil up, puff up there face to resemble the arrow shaped head  and begin rattling there tail against the ground. at this point most anything is not going to know its bluffing and will keep well out of its way. witch unfortunately for them often is the reason there killed when encountered by people fearing for there safety that it is in fact a rattlesnake.

distribution and habitat

this sub species of pituophis can be found through the center of the united states from Texas into Canada. where there gopher snake cousins are found up the west coast and pine snakes up the east coast.
the bull snake inhabits prairies valleys and rocky outcrops and  other harsh dry locations throughout its range. this species is completely terrestrial spending its life on the ground and hiding most of the heat of the day inside abandoned rodent burrows. coming out at dawn or dusk usually to hunt.​​
morphs and localitys
there are many morphs and localitys associated with this species but we work with   albino, trumbower and stillwater hypo, miami  and ballum axanthic, whitesided, patternless,  and combonations of those mutations in various forms  we also have localitys like kankakees, kingsvilles and some original stillwater line animals as well.
final notes
  they can be aggressive as baby's but with gentle handling can become quite tame and alot of fun to work with and personally the over exaggerated threat display as baby's is really cute a little worm throwing a temper tantrum.
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