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these are a fantastic species of python witch are some times called centrillian carpet pythons but genetic analysis and its geographic isolation from the spilota complex has elevated it to full species status.these pythons ontogenetic change is a slow and steady one with neonates being a kind of purple and growing to a fantastic brick red color with pale irregular banding outlined in black and the lower third of the body being increasingly dark. this species is on the larger side with adults growing to 8ft and being relatively heavy bodied compared to there carpet python cousins.  b

Bredl's pythons

(morelia bredli)

Distribution and habitat

bredl's pythons come from the red central deserts of Australia. there color matches there environment to camouflage themselves amongst the red rock escarpments and trees that these semi arboreal pythons climb  in there native range.


there are a two morphs associated with this species including: stripped and hypo. the stripped is a pattern mutation carried as a simple recessive trait. these are an amazing morph of bredl's pythons that create some wonderful lateral striping on the animals.
projects: we currently are working with a stripped individuals from the lazik bloodline.



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