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Blood pythons (Python brongersmai )


the blood python is a very heavy bodied snake. with adult females averaging 4 to 5 feet.  males are just a little shorter at around 4 feet.  even though there not very long these individuals  can average 10 to 15 pounds.  these pythons can be amazingly red once they get there adult colors there color change is a slow and steady march but its alot of fun to watch with there color and pattern being so variable . 

there are many morphs associate with blood pythons including: t+ albino, t- albino, yellow albino, matrix, ivory, golden eye, magpie, batik, super batik, and many more.
Final notes
this species has gotten a bad reputation of being super aggressive from all the wild caught specimens that have been imported and the truth is there just very shy animals and are reluctant to trust us but with proper gentle handling this species can become very tame and a real pleasure to work with we really enjoy this species and look forward to adding more to our collection.
we are currently working with matrix and some beautiful normals and are producing some fantastic offspring.

Distribution and Habitat

blood pythons can be found on Sumatra east of the dividing range, western Malaysia, southwestern Thailand and the Lingga islands along with a few other islands such as Pinang, Riau, and Banka. with most of the specimens in the pet trade being from Sumatra.

​being so heavy bodied there a completely terrestrial  python.  there habitat is associated with upland areas near water and low forested hills along with poorly drained flood plains.  this species is a sedentary ambush predator. there pattern and color blend them in to the leaf litter then they wait for a small mammal to get to close and bam. dont be fooled by there stout body structure and think they are slow at striking. this species has one of the fastest and farthest strikes ive ever seen with them almost leaping to grab a prey item.


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